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Container-type modular premises – a new approach to storage

Classic containers are an excellent solution for transportation or storage. But if the container itself needs to be transported somewhere, or you have to leave it for some time for storage, then it can become a tangible hindrance. How to deal with this, we asked to tell the specialists of the company “Containeroff”, which offers a completely new solution in the universality market – modular container-type premises. This is a recent development and not everyone knows about it yet, so we will tell in order – what it is and where it can be applied.

Block container “Containeroff”
At first glance, the Containeroff container block is no different from the classic

Storage problems
In order to make the comparison unbiased, first of all we will consider the problems that are inherent in traditional storage methods. We will analyze the main places where a warehouse is required. And, let’s see how the new system is able to solve the tasks.

Construction sites
When storing building materials, tools and equipment at a construction site, the main requirements for the storage location are:

reliable protection of the stored;
Ease of use.
Reliability, as a rule, is ensured with the help of construction change houses, temporary buildings or large and heavy sea containers. It is difficult to say which of these types of storage provides the most protection. In principle, with sufficient equipment, they are all quite reliable.

However, in terms of ease of use, the issue is much more acute. Marine-type containers require a crane and a powerful vehicle to move. To move the cabins, a sufficiently powerful tractor is also required. There is no need to talk about temporary buildings – they are created from what is at hand and in the future they are simply disassembled and not moved. If the construction site is expanding dynamically or the team often moves, then it’s difficult to talk about convenience.

Classic cab house on wheels
Classic cab on wheels – with versatility of use she has problems

What gives the use of a new storage system – a collapsible type container block at construction sites. The first and undeniable advantage is the highest mobility. Assembly and disassembly of the container do not exceed 10 minutes.

Let’s compare how much it will take to break a temporary shelter, and loading a sea container onto a vehicle is not fast. The unassembled container block is easily transported to the Gazelle. In this regard, only the cabins on wheels can compare with the new system in terms of mobility, but the latter clearly loses in universality.

Let us return to the issue of reliability of storage at the facilities. And here the container block is in no way inferior to its more “adult” counterparts, because the material for manufacturing its elements is a profiled sheet of galvanized metal.

The profile of bending of the sheet is a development of the company “Containeroff” and is designed specifically to confidently withstand external penetration. The gate locking system is also carefully thought out.

Everything has been taken into account to the smallest detail and breaking it will be much more difficult than locks that are hung on change houses and temporary huts. It is more reliable than the locking system used on sea containers. The already reliable locking system can be further enhanced by a vandal bar.

Locks on the container
You can use “invisible” locks

Summing up the results of this comparison, we make an unambiguous conclusion – the new system is the best option for storage at construction sites.

Country cottage area
Another “sore spot” where it is often enough and spontaneously necessary to urgently organize a reliable storage place. In the summer, it can be a fishing boat, a water scooter, a walk-behind tractor and many other things necessary at the cottage.

Toward the fall, as a rule, the owners are about to leave the cottage and discover that over the summer many things were brought that you could not take away at one time. Moreover, half of them do not need to be transported – they will be needed at the dacha in the winter or next season.

In the absence of free storage space in a house or a barn on the street, the decision is a dilemma becomes a difficult question. To erect a new barn is troublesome for a long time and entails unplanned financial expenses. The interior space of the house may not allow to organize a sufficiently large warehouse.

And here the container block comes to the rescue. Its mobility and ease of installation were discussed above. As for the price, of course, its purchase will cost summer residents significantly cheaper than the construction of even a small shed.

An important point in the installation of the container block is the lack of the need to build a foundation. It is enough to choose or clear a flat area to bring the container to spend on assembly 10 minutes and the warehouse is ready.

A flat platform is enough to install the block container
A flat platform is enough to install the block container

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