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How to cover the concrete floor in the garage so as not to dust

During operation, any, even the most high-quality and durable concrete coating in the garage undergoes erosion and collapses under mechanical stress. Concrete is a porous material. Its pores are filled with water, air, particles of unbound cement, which did not react during the preparation of the solution. When the upper layer is destroyed, they turn into dust.

Regular cleaning does not save

Regular cleaning does not save, as the next layer begins to break down.

Cement dust rises into the air, settles on a machine, shelving, tools, clothing and shoes. It gets on the skin and lungs when breathing, which is very unsafe for health. Therefore, many in this situation are puzzled by the question – how to cover the concrete floor in the garage so as not to dust?

There are various materials and technologies to solve this problem. Some of them are designed for use only in the manufacturing process of the coating, others are universal and are used both for fresh screeds and for long-exploited floors.

Method 1 – impregnation treatment
This is the easiest and most affordable universal way to strengthen a concrete floor. It is used both on a fresh screed of two-week maturity, and on an old dusty base. And also to prepare the surface for subsequent finishing – painting, laying tiles, etc.

Impregnations (primers, modifiers, primers) for concrete are divided into 2 groups: on an organic and inorganic basis. These are liquid compositions that are applied to the surface with a brush or roller.

Garage flooring

Impregnation of the garage floor

Organic impregnations are made on an acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy basis. Their molecules penetrate the pores of concrete, in which they polymerize, making its surface solid, durable and waterproof. Depending on the characteristics of the composition, the strength of concrete increases by 2-10 times, and the result lasts several years. If you choose the floors in the garage – which are better and cheaper in a limited budget, then a concrete screed treated with special impregnation on an organic basis will be the best option.

Epoxy primer

Inorganic-based compounds act on the surface differently: penetrating into the thickness of concrete, they interact with it, creating additional crystalline bonds. Strength may increase by 50-60 times. One such treatment is enough to permanently forget about dust on the concrete floor.

Tip. Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging. Not all formulations are suitable for strengthening low-quality or heavily destroyed concrete.
Method 2 – painting
If you need to decide how to cover the concrete floor in the garage, so as not only to remove dust, but also to add color, it is easiest to paint. But this requires compliance with certain conditions:

Paint should be designed for application on concrete surfaces. Best of all, if the package has the mark “For the floor in the garage” or similar. Such coatings are adapted to operating conditions, they have anti-slip and anti-static properties.

Wear resistant paint

Wear-resistant paint for the garage

Before painting, the surface must be primed.

The primer and paint must have the same base. That is, if a polyurethane decorative coating is chosen, then the concrete should be primed with a similar composition. The same goes for acrylic and epoxy paints.

Before covering the concrete floor with paint, it must be sanded, removing the old collapsing layer, as well as complex stains from fuels and lubricants, paints, grease. The resulting debris and dust are thoroughly cleaned using an industrial vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Only then can a primer be applied to the floor.

It is important! No more than 2 hours should elapse between cleaning and primer, otherwise the dust will settle to the surface again and damage the quality of the impregnation.
The primer is applied in 2 layers with an interval between them of 10-12 hours. After it dries (time is indicated on the package), the floor is also painted in 2 layers with the selected protective and decorative composition.

On our website you can find the most popular garage projects – from construction companies represented at the exhibition “Low-Rise Country”.
Method 3 – Rubber Paint
When you need to get rid of dust and waterproof the floor in the garage, what is the best way to make a coating? A relatively inexpensive material for this is rubber or latex paint.

Rubber paint

Rubber paint for concrete floor

It is resistant to the effects of not only moisture, but also aggressive chemical liquids, tolerates low and high temperatures and their differences, has good covering characteristics.

Before applying rubber paint, the concrete surface can not be primed, but peeling off areas and dirty stains must be removed. As well as close up large potholes and crevices.

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