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Everything about the basement is a basement or a semi-basement

Not all suburban developers understand what a basement is – a basement or semi-basement. Let’s deal with this, after which we will determine for what purpose the premises can be used, what standards exist for the exact definition of the term.

What is the difference between the basement and the basement
In fact, there is nothing surprising that many do not see the difference in this. Because the purpose of the two rooms is almost the same. Just more often, the basement is called the basement.

But experts still recommend giving a clearer definition of the basement, because that’s how you can correctly approach the arrangement of this room, taking into account the required functional features.

So what is the difference. Firstly, both rooms are classified as buried in the ground: partially or completely. The difference is only in the depth of deepening:

the ground floor goes deeper below the zero mark by less than half its height;
the basement goes deeper or lower.
It should be noted that purely on the functional side, both rooms can belong either to the “technical” category, this is when the ceiling height does not exceed 180 cm. Or to the “residential” category if this parameter exceeds the indicated indicator. That is why many owners of small suburban plots during the construction of the house plan basements, subsequently converting them into residential. This is not only saving land, but also saving money.

The basement is built with complete immersion in the ground.

How to equip the basement
So, having figured out the definition of what is the basement, we move on to solving other pressing problems. First, let’s start with the features of the room. The thing is that everything will depend on what kind of hopes the landlord has on a semi-buried room. Two tasks follow from this: “minimum” and “maximum”.

Minimum task
The easiest option is to use the basement for rooms in which people will not be constantly. For example, a sauna, gym, billiard room, garage and more. That is, you can save a lot here, because such rooms have more restrained requirements for lighting, heating, thermal insulation of walls and other things.

We will make a reservation that in such rooms, according to the norms, people can stay no more than four hours.

Basement billiard room

Maximum task
If the task is to create residential premises in the semi-basement. Usually they organize a bedroom, study or lounges. Then, in this case, the basement itself is built according to the building codes of the whole house. For example:

ceiling height – at least 2.5 m;
the width of the aisles, in this case the corridors, is at least 1.2 m;
the width of the steps of the stairs is at least 25 cm, their height is not more than 19 cm.
Necessarily the presence of daylight, ventilation and other communication networks.

Ground floor lounge

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Factors affecting the complexity and cost of work
What is the ground floor in the house – these are buried rooms. So, their walls will directly contact the ground. That is, constant humidity will be present inside the organized space. What this means, many know firsthand.

But if you carry out all construction work strictly according to the rules and regulations, then this trouble can be avoided without problems. To do this, make high-quality waterproofing of the walls of the basement floor and its floor base.

But if fungus or mold colonies appeared on the walls and ceiling, then it is not a matter of waterproofing, but poorly functioning ventilation. At the same time, violations were made when a thermal insulation layer was laid. That’s where the huge cash costs. Therefore, at the stage of construction of the basement, all its elements must be closed with high-quality hydro- and heat-insulating materials without violating the installation technology.

Hydro and thermal insulation of the basement

Of course, we must pay tribute to the type of soil on the territory of the construction site, as well as the level of groundwater. These two parameters directly affect the humidity inside the basement. The lower the water level, the drier the inside. The more porous the soil, the drier. For example, if the soil on the site is sandy, then it is likely that precipitation will not accumulate in it, but will move down to groundwater. Therefore, it is much easier and cheaper to build semi-basement spaces on such soils.

The situation is worse if the soils are impenetrable, that is, clayey, on the development site. Even if the groundwater level is low, it is still a problem area. And here you have to invest serious money to ensure maximum protection of the basement from moisture.

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