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Own interior design studio

We recently interviewed the designer, and today we are thinking about creating a business if you have already decided on it. Recently, people very often began to turn to designers in order to create their own plan of living space (apartment, house, or country cottage). For the most part, only wealthy people can afford such services.

Very often, entrepreneurs who have their own restaurants or cafes, beauty studios, as well as offices resort to the help of designers. There are a lot of designers, because it is not difficult to establish such a business. You just need to rent a room (in the future office) and recruit employees.

If you approach the creation of such a business with all seriousness and responsibility, then it will become very profitable. First you need to choose the nature or focus of your business. Recently, one of the most advanced varieties has been the creation of architectural business. If your focus is simpler, you will have to seriously approach the creation of a studio. The architectural design studio combines two types of services: designing a house, apartment and creating a new interior.

Any design studio accepts orders from wealthy clients, this is a small feature of the company. Also, such firms work with both legal and private individuals.

If you have just started doing this, then keep in mind that the focus is better to choose not the most prestigious. Since in this business, as in any other, good experience is needed. After all, the return on creating a business should be maximum. And it is better for a beginner to choose a simple focus.

It is best to look for a studio in the city center, so it will be much easier for customers to get to you. Now there are a lot of office buildings that rent premises of different quadrature. For you, since you are a beginner, twenty-five square meters will be suitable initially. Because there will not be many working people, three to four employees and the boss himself.

In order for your client to be comfortable discussing the prices and services of your company with you, you need a meeting room for which only fifteen square meters is suitable.

If you have an elite housing, then you can easily afford to hire a designer

You do not need to do a highly prestigious repair, build a separate entrance, too. Just cosmetic repairs, or at the discretion of the owner of the company. Be sure to have office cabinets for clothes, tables for papers, chairs, bedside tables.

The only serious investment is the purchase of a personal computer, because in such work the quality of the computer plays an important role. And also to purchase a package of licensed programs, without which no designer can do.

A lot of experts advise that it is better to use network versions of programs, the cost of which will be higher, but they can also be used on large numbers of computers than on purchased licenses. Of technology, you will still need to buy a laser roulette, a digital apparatus, copiers, as well as a printer, scanner, fax, telephone.

Basically, a start-up company has two or three employees, who are the designers and the owner himself. The director of the studio is an experienced specialist in the world of design and interior. He is obliged to control all the processes occurring in the work, he is engaged in projects and is engaged in the search for orders.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
To begin with, the owner of the company can search for subordinates without experience, for example, designers who have just graduated from the institute. Designers with experience will not be able to afford the studio owner. In rare cases, it happens that the director is involved in all projects.

Professionals without experience in work require constant assistance and therefore their salaries are lower than experienced specialists. For example, some firms pay such novice designers only twenty to thirty percent of the order.

The designer working in the company must deal with projects, arrange meetings with clients to discuss all the details, prices and other details in the project. The definition of meetings with suppliers of building and finishing materials, various presentations is also the responsibility of the designer. Young, inexperienced design specialists will need much more time to learn everything and therefore the owner will initially have to spend a lot of his time and effort on training and helping a young employee.

Do you want such a bedroom? Contact the designers

The working day is eight hours, as usual for everyone. But it is not uncommon for employees to take work home or work until late in the evening.

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