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Furniture from pallets - an idea for a summer business
Eco-friendly, stylish, inexpensive and accessible to everyone ... Can these adverbs relate to the same subject? Yes, get acquainted, this is furniture from pallets (or transport pallets). You still don’t…

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Furniture from pallets – an idea for a summer business

Eco-friendly, stylish, inexpensive and accessible to everyone … Can these adverbs relate to the same subject? Yes, get acquainted, this is furniture from pallets (or transport pallets).

You still don’t know what it is? Then we go to you 🙂

Furniture from pallets – an idea for a summer business

Initially, pallets were invented and created for the transport of goods. Wooden pallets, standard sizes 1200 to 800 mm, designed to place on them boxes, goods, barrels, boxes or bags with a total weight of up to 2 tons.

Pallets are convenient for moving – the openings at the bottom of the pallets make it easy to use the loader levers to move.

The active use of pallets began about 60 years ago, during the Second World War, when the movement of goods between countries became permanent, and there were simply not enough male hands for loading and unloading. And with the help of lever mechanisms both women and children could cope.

Now, despite a sufficient number of men, the use of pallets has not decreased at all. A large number of goods transported over long distances, the high cost of goods and their fragility promotes the use of pallets with high intensity.

And how much can be done with pallets, if after proper use, continue to operate them in new configurations.

If we compare the cost of wooden pallets with their plastic or iron counterparts, it turns out that they cost a penny, but fail quickly enough.

There are no statistics on the use of pallets in our country, but in the USA one and a half billion wooden pallets are thrown out annually. And if you collect them in landfills, then their cost is simply equal to “0”.

At the same time, all the furniture we use in everyday life is also made of wood, ca and pallets. Only from wood of higher quality and much more expensive.

Furniture from pallets – an idea for a summer business

But what else is invested in the cost of furniture, in addition to the cost of materials – the work of a designer, the work of a cutter and assembler of furniture, the cost of paints and varnishes – all this only adds value to the finished product. If you try to do the same thing yourself, the result can pleasantly surprise you with the money saved.

In addition, the number of variations on the theme of furniture from pallets can be found in an almost infinite number: beds and wardrobes, kitchen furniture and children’s corners, garden furniture – all this is easily realized with the help of hands, a head and a set of pallets.

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Do you think that such furniture can not interest anyone? But in vain. On foreign needlework resources, such models are sold quite intensively. The main thing is that the price is not very high.

Here,, a real example of a product that sells just fine. Dog feeders are durable, beautiful, functional and not very expensive.

About 1 feeder is sold daily, costing 50-60 dollars, which brings a monthly income to the creator of about 1500-2000 dollars. Moreover, the sale of these feeders so far has been established only in the United States. If you are ready to offer the world feeders with delivery around the globe – you are welcome at

Are you not completely sure that the furniture from the pallets will find their fans? In vain. There are a number of reasons why this furniture will be purchased.

Firstly, it is fashionable. In recent years, the idea of ​​using pallets to create cozy interiors has been actively promoted on social networks. The number of posts tagged with #palletfurniture is growing every day.

Furniture from pallets – an idea for a summer business

Secondly, such furniture is very practical and inexpensive. It is easier to purchase furniture from pallets than to invest in expensive wooden counterparts. Cheap chipboard samples lose both in originality and in quality.

Thirdly, this furniture is eco-friendly. Wood, which is used for the production of pallets, is the most inexpensive material, which means that it is not processed by any stabilizers, chemicals or antifungal agents.

In order to start own production of furniture from pallets, it will be necessary to allocate space in the garage or in the country in order to have a place for the implementation of creative ideas.

In addition to those who make money on pallets in the real world, one should tell about those businessmen who guessed to create websites with photos and instructions for the production of furniture from wooden pallets. So the site in just two years of existence began to attract about 200,000 users every month! This is approximately 6,000 users per day.

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