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Ready-made business model for a successful and profitable business-stained glass studio from the company “Mr-Stekolli”

Do you need a business idea with high profitability and small start-up investments? The stained-glass studio “Mr-stekolli” has just that. Offer the population of your city a service that can change the design of their home, apartment, office, shop, etc. The idea is especially relevant for those whose field of activity is:

installation of windows, interior doors, false ceilings;
furniture manufacturing;
repair and interior design;
decoration of premises for the holidays;
manufacture of interior items: lamps, mirrors, vases, etc.
But even if you are an absolute beginner in the ruthless world of business, Mr-stekolli will help you regain your “place in the sun”. We offer the friendly support of an experienced and successful partner in the field of film stained-glass windows.

Demand for the service far exceeds supply

The business idea of ​​Mr-stekolli is unrivaled. In the regions, the niche is completely empty. Even if in your city there are a couple of offices engaged in such a craft, this is not a reason to refuse to start your own. In St. Petersburg, companies working with stained glass film, about 20. Moreover, according to experts, the market of the northern capital is far from saturation. In the Russian regions, if there is a high demand for the service, it is empty! SONY DSC

High demand for film stained glass is traced in 35 countries of the world! The material for them is released by the world’s famous and largest corporations: 3M (USA), ORAFOL Europe GmbH (Germany), REGALEND LIMITED (England), and others. In Europe, 8 out of 10 residents, making repairs in the apartment, decorate the interiors with film stained-glass windows.

Studio “Mr-stekolli” successfully works in this direction. We have already become monopolists in our region, adapted the idea to Russian conditions, receive a stable income and are ready to offer assistance to partners in the regions.

Your customers

The demand for film stained glass in Russia is not as great as abroad. But even in our country, experts note growth trends.

Who will order this service?

ordinary citizens making repairs in their apartment;
owners of country houses and residences;
businessmen – owners of restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, etc .;
design studios, furniture manufacturing workshops;
other companies wishing to expand the scope of their activities by offering film stained-glass windows in your design.
While private customers remain the main customers, corporate clients are beginning to show an increasing interest in the service.


The work is easy to execute

In terms of aesthetics, film stained-glass windows are not inferior to the classic ones made of colored glass. With the apparent complexity of the drawings, the work is simple and quick. Patterns are created from self-adhesive film, and lead ribbons are needed to create the effect of real stained-glass windows. It visually seems like pieces of glass are soldered into a metal binding.

To become a master, you do not need to have an art education. We will provide a catalog with a huge number of images. The client selects any, and you, using a special program, create a stencil on the computer. Next, we recall the lessons of labor in elementary school. We cut out the details from the stained glass film and stick them to the surface. All!

Using this technology, you can decorate windows, interior doors, mirrors, glass furniture doors, glass countertops, vases, lamps, etc. After mastering the simplest technology, you will be able to further improve your skills and learn to use fusing, sandblasting, Tiffany, etc.

Why is film stained glass better than classic?

classic glass stained-glass windows are monumental and do not fit into the modest interiors of city apartments, and the place is the place for light-film ones;
films and tapes are cheaper than glass;
complex equipment is not required, a knife, a clip and a roller are enough;
films and lead tapes are produced in rolls, you do not need large storage facilities;
it’s not necessary to keep highly paid specialists on the staff; anyone will cope with the work.
At the initial stage, you will be able to fulfill orders alone. It is better to hire a brigade temporarily, for periods of emergency orders. The idea from Mr-stekolli is ideal for building a family business.


How to start?

We have done everything so that our regional representatives start the business easily, without unnecessary costs and, as soon as possible, evaluate its profitability. A quick start will provide a business package, which includes:

a set of tools, stained glass and lead tape in an amount sufficient to start;
catalog with mock-ups of stained-glass windows;
advertising materials: leaflets, business cards, posters and other printing;
disk with video lessons;
recommendations on how to quickly build a customer base;
business management guide, information that answers the most frequently asked questions by our existing partners.

Benefits of working with Mr-stekolli

To exclude competition, we conclude an agreement with only one representative per region.
We provide support throughout the cooperation. We are not striving to sell more business packages, we need successful partners to build a strong regional network!

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