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QR certification, testing and environmental friendliness in low-rise construction

The fashion for urban apartments began to fade from the middle of the two thousandth, while the interest in low-rise construction increased. The financial crisis, which happened inappropriately, collapsed the volume of home sales. The hostages of the situation were small construction companies. In order not to lose the already not numerous clientele, they were forced to cut prices, often to the detriment of quality.

A modern resident of the metropolis, dreaming of settling closer to nature, pays attention not only to the price tag. The customer demonstrates the increased requirements for the future home, therefore, he is looking for a construction organization especially carefully. For their part, conscientious companies strive for maximum transparency in relations with the client, focusing on a high level of performance, modern materials and technologies.

glued beam house

Project of a house from glued beams

About Quality Assurance
Build a business class property is preferred by family, professionally held people who know the price of high quality. In search of a reliable developer, they prefer to adhere to an integrated approach strategy. Future owners carefully study the sites and personally communicate with contractors. They pay attention to the capabilities of the company and the technological effectiveness of work, read reviews, visit finished facilities and compare price offers. A great help in choosing a company is the availability of quality certificates, including European certification (CE), which certifies that the product meets European standards.

Wooden houses are beautiful and always relevant, and natural wood walls are known for their ability to create a favorable microclimate. Supporting people’s desire for a healthy life, market leaders in low-rise housing construction bring their products in line with international environmental standards, and then certify them.

The number of organizations creating objects from materials that are safe for people and the environment includes APS Homebuilding Plant. Most of their orders are houses made from certified glued beams. Others are built from Porotherm or Ytong blocks.

In the Finnish laboratory
The certificate of international quality standard CE is received by those products that meet the requirements and standards of the European Union. This means that they cannot harm the environment, human and animal health. For a high-tech product such as glued beams, a certificate of quality for the adhesive is simply necessary. A document confirming compliance with the standards is issued after successfully overcome testing. You can go through laboratory tests and stock up on a certificate only in the European Union – this is a prerequisite.

For example, in order to confirm the safety of its materials, ASC DSC used the laboratory of the Finnish company Kiilto (“Kiilto”), known for its responsible attitude to quality and safety issues, as well as strict laboratory research criteria. Kiilto pays great attention to research and development. Not surprisingly, the laboratory’s customers include the largest companies (from Germany, Sweden, Japan) engaged in the construction of glued-beam houses.

The main check is a test of glued beams for delamination of adhesive joints; in the Finnish laboratory, it was carried out by the method of EN 391 B. A test simulating the aging process of wood was carried out in the following order:

Glued beam samples were placed in a laboratory autoclave, where they were soaked in water for 30 minutes at a pressure of 75 kPa, and then for 2 hours under a pressure of 500 kPa.

The preforms were dried at a temperature of 70 (± 2.5) ° C to a predetermined level.

According to the test results, the total percentage of delamination of adhesive joints was determined. In Kiilto, tests are considered successful if, after autoclaving, the percentage of gluing does not exceed 4% of the total length of the seams (this is the maximum allowable value).

glued beam house

The project in a modern style

The gluing rate for glued beams produced by APS DSC was only 1.5%; The results showed excellent gluing quality and were highly appreciated by experts. Not all European construction organizations participating in the tests were able to boast of a similar quality of their product.

QR certification
Not so long ago, customers had an additional convenient way of quality control, which allows them to quickly receive information about glued beams. Since 2018, the National Certification System (NNS) has been launched – certification with a QR code. At present, it is not mandatory, but by imposing stringent requirements on the quality of glued beams, it contributes to the growth of trust in the organization that has passed the audit.

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