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Xiaomi and Apple smart home: system comparison

The number of devices that facilitate the life of a modern person is growing day by day. Disparate communications and gadgets require more attention and, as a result, time to set up. The idea of ​​home automation – combining all devices under centralized control is implemented using the Smart Home system. The world of modern technology is designed so that ideal solutions do not exist. The main task for someone who wants to make their home smart is to determine what functions and capabilities will be needed, and how they are implemented by different manufacturers.

smart House

Automation is becoming a must

What can a smart home

The first Smart Home systems began to spread about 15 years ago; From an exclusive toy, they gradually turned into reality accessible to the majority. Xiaomi and Apple did not stand aside, their smart solutions can easily be integrated into all home processes and allow you to solve many problems:

Increase comfort. Automation of routine processes frees up time for more enjoyable things. It lends itself to the management of garage doors and blinds, lighting (including night), heating and household electrical appliances, climate equipment.

Increased security. Tracking and reacting in time to water leaks, icing of the roof, the appearance of smoke or uninvited guests is one of the most useful features implemented in both systems.

Reduced utility costs. Smart home from Apple and Xiaomi optimally adjusts the operation of devices, saves energy and money, and, therefore, partially pays off.

The increase in the value of the house. A well-designed smart system will increase the attractiveness of housing for potential buyers.

smart home

Jack of all trades

Similarity systems

Xiaomi and Apple are wireless smart housing systems. The wireless protocol, unlike the wired analogue, provides many advantages for its owners:

Simple design and assembly. The system requires minimal labor during installation – you don’t need to ditch the walls, which is especially important in rented housing.

Availability. A person can assemble the system without a technical and construction diploma.

Flexibility. The system configuration can be changed as often as you like, rearrange old elements and add new ones.

Creative. Wi-Fi allows you to automate those elements on which there simply cannot be cables (for example, a motion sensor is easily installed on a mailbox).

The fact that these systems are controlled by commands following the radio channels is at the same time their Achilles heel. Both Apple and Xiaomi are sensitive to radio quality; their operation may be affected by the operation of the cordless telephone or microwave.

Mi Home app

Xiaomi basic kit

Communication Protocols: Similarities and Differences

Smart home systems from Apple and Xiaomi exchange information in three ways: via Bluetooth, via Wi-Fi and using the basic (native) communication protocol. Bluetooth connectivity has the following features:

Thrift. The connection is in sleep mode (at minimum power) until the connection starts.

Compatibility. Most users already have a wireless router (often referred to as a router), and many devices can connect directly to it. A specialized hub is not always needed.

Problems with interference. The more devices at the native frequency (2.4 GHz), the stronger the interference and the longer the response time to the command.

Not all hubs are compatible with Bluetooth, not all devices are equipped with this method of signal transmission. You cannot build a grid based on Bluetooth.

smart home gateway

Xiaomi Feedback: Wall Switch-Gateway

The main advantage of Wi-Fi – it is in every smartphone, universal and familiar to most users. Wi-Fi protocol is supported by many smart devices (often in combination with ZigBee), and the list is constantly expanding. Compared to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is in a more advantageous position, although it has its own disadvantages:

The work of a large number of devices slows down the operation of the router. In addition, it is sensitive to interference from household appliances, and its location can affect the quality of work.

Not all devices are equipped with Wi-Fi (to integrate it into a light bulb, at least, is not rational). Those that are equipped often cost two to three times more than their counterparts.

High power consumption. An annoyingly frequent battery change will be required, and the batteries will suffer.

smart home outlet

Apple smart socket

Applications: similarities and differences

The combination and connection of devices in the smart home from Apple occurs using the HomeKit application with the following features:

It is supported only by the Apple iOS operating system (and is installed exclusively from the App Store). This means that HomeKit is only available to owners of apple gadgets and devices, starting with the iPhone 5s.

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