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Business idea: how to open a house building business

Determine whether you have sufficient funds, the ability to take out a loan for an independent start, or if you need to attract investors. If you already have the funds, you can create an IP, in order to attract a large amount from the side, the LLC organization will be the best choice.

Examine the demand for real estate in your area. Depending on this, you should choose the direction of activity: the construction of townhouses, cottages for sale or wooden houses to order.

When drawing up a business plan, seasonality, the average cost of housing in your region and the purchasing power of the population should be taken into account. Demand for housing construction is very high, but it is better to start with a narrow specialization and choose the most popular options that allow you to reach a payback in the shortest possible time.

Main risks
Competition in the construction industry is high. A beginner needs to choose a narrow specialization and offer customers the highest possible level of service. Your advantage is the ability to concentrate on the little things. Large construction companies do not have such an opportunity due to the nature of management organization.

Season dependent. All stages of the construction of cottages can be carried out in spring and summer. With the proper organization of work and the availability of sufficient funds to ensure the turnkey construction in full, you can start selling the house in the fall. If these conditions are not met, the risk of freezing construction until next season is very high. Getting started, make sure that you have everything you need to hand over the object by the planned date.

The office of the company should be located in the central or business district of the city. Here you will hold meetings with clients and partners. Also, designers, accountants, customer service managers and suppliers will work in the central office.

A room for the storage of equipment and the production of prefabricated wooden houses should be located in the industrial area or on the outskirts of the city. Suitable production and storage facilities. An important point is convenient transport interchange and the ability to bring the necessary communications for the activity.

If you specialize in the construction of cottages or townhouses and their subsequent sale, the question of finding a plot for construction is added. Explore city development plans. To build houses in a remote village, in which there is no modern infrastructure and convenient transportation, is unprofitable. Look for free sites in crowded areas, with communications and in close proximity to schools, shops, medical facilities and other infrastructure facilities.

Conclude a contract with a realtor who will provide you with information about the average cost of housing in each of the areas. After choosing interesting sites, order a soil analysis from the geodetic service.

Buying expensive construction equipment is not worth it. Depending on the project, at each stage of the work, you can rent the necessary equipment with personnel from companies specializing in the provision of such services. Buy only those tools and equipment that are necessary for your work all the time.

If you plan to sell finished wooden houses, the situation looks different. The lumberjack team should be equipped with chainsaws and other wood harvesting equipment. Means for transporting the tree to the assembly place can be rented. Assembly, which is best done in winter, is also carried out using chainsaws, electric planers and a standard set of carpentry tools. For work, you need a mini-power station. The approximate cost of a set of equipment for the work of one team is 50-60 thousand rubles.

For the construction of frame houses, it is necessary to hire a lumberjack team (5 people) in the summer. Assembling should also be carried out by 5-6 qualified specialists whom the owner of the company hires full time.

For permanent work in a company specializing in the construction of turnkey houses, a few people are enough:

– Head.
– The foreman.
– The manager.
– Accountant.
All other employees can be hired on a contract basis, depending on the stage of work.
Look for companies and teams with a specialization:

– Design.
– Excavation.
– The construction of walls.
– Internal work.
– Laying power supply and communications.
– Water supply.
– Finishing work.
– Landscaping.

There are a lot of offers for each item. Having chosen the best options in terms of cost of services, quality and terms of work, you can subsequently conclude cooperation agreements with each of these teams or companies for the construction of the following facilities.
Documents and Licenses
For low-rise construction, you do not need to obtain a license and become a member of the SRO. It is enough for the owner of the company to issue an IP or LLC at the tax office and choose a convenient type of taxation.

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