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The construction of apartment buildings as a business

In order to build a cottage, you need to spend a lot of money, time and effort. But you can still try to start your construction business with the construction of apartment buildings.

In addition, difficulties may arise in the preparation of documentation for the construction of the premises. Despite the fact that there are problems for obtaining permission, it is quite worthwhile and profitable.

Often the first floors of buildings are leased for shops, offices, salons and so on. Starting from the second floor, the premises go under the apartments. Costs quickly pay off, because the profits are quite large.

If you decide to start the construction of such an apartment building, remember that this project will take a lot of money and effort. Time will be spent on the sale of apartments. You can sell apartments quickly only if you give them at a low cost. This is not worth doing, because your income will be minimal.

Before you begin to draw up a plan for the construction of an apartment building, you will need to determine in what area you will build it. You need to think through everything to the smallest detail, since your home must meet all the requirements.

Provide the design of the house to a special organization that has sufficient experience in this area. Such a company will be able to make all the necessary calculations. As for the construction site, you must choose it yourself.

The apartment building must necessarily be connected to all communications available today, namely: gas supply, electricity, sewage and water supply. If you follow the practice, it is best to choose a place to build in the city. It would be better if you build a house on the outskirts of the city. You can also provide a plan in the area where communications will be able to withstand the load.

It is also important that all necessary communications are nearby. This is a school, and a kindergarten, and shops. The condition of roads in this area will also be important. If the road wants to leave the best, you will need to deal with the roads. This will significantly increase the cost of an apartment in a house in such an area.

Also arrange the nearby territory (courtyard), organize an underground floor with parking. Parking will provide you with extra income. This decision has already been approved by many developers. They confirm that this idea is pretty profitable. The main thing is to indicate the state of the soil and find out whether it is possible to build anything at this place.

Stages of the construction of an apartment building
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To summarize all of the above and in general outline we will tell about all the stages of preparation for the construction of a multi-storey building.

1. Select a building site. The best option is to join the general urban development plan. Build the building in the place where residential development will take place over the next few years. Gather all the necessary information about construction options. Find out if utility networks can withstand the load of a new multi-story building.

2. Get building permits

3. Make an estimate and a development project. Do this with the help of special organizations. Choose it based on your preferences and financial capabilities.

4. When starting the construction phase, remember that this is a very important stage. Seriously, take all the stages of construction: preparing the territory, digging a pit, supplying the necessary communications, building a foundation, building the house itself. By the way, the price for the foundation is equal to half of all costs for the construction itself.

The construction of a multi-storey building is the work of many specialists, such as architects, installers, and others. Many design organizations are also involved in the construction. When it comes to construction, it immediately becomes clear that there must be contractors and subcontractors – people who create a project for your future home, design its appearance and calculate the design of the house, and then assemble it.

If we consider all the works in the complex, then there are a lot of them. All of them require responsibility and high costs and effort. But in general, the construction of a new residential building is very profitable and profitable.

Of course, the construction of a multi-storey building is a long process, especially in our country. But there are technologies that allow you to erect multi-story structures in a matter of days. Here, for example, technology from China (based on light metal structures), which allows you to build a full-fledged hotel (without interior decoration, of course) in 90 hours.

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