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Business related to the production of building materials – production of expanded clay concrete blocks

Expanded clay blocks are an environmentally friendly building material, since natural components are used for their manufacture – cement, sand and expanded clay.

The use of expanded clay blocks for laying walls often exceeds the use of ceramic bricks, because the latter is inferior to expanded clay blocks in its operational properties.

Business related to the production of building materials – production of expanded clay concrete blocks

In particular, the main advantages of expanded clay blocks are lightness and, as a result, the ability to reduce the weight of the structure by 40% compared to brickwork, in the absence of shrinkage and cracks, good indicators of frost resistance, good thermal insulation, more affordable price.

Small dimensions (each unit according to the standard has a size of 19x19x39 cm) and weight provide convenience and savings in transportation and storage, ease of installation does not require additional devices.

These factors are responsible for the widespread use of expanded clay concrete blocks in low-rise and frameless construction, when laying floor slabs in unheated rooms, in agriculture, shipbuilding, and construction in mines, as supports for power lines.

To implement a business idea for the production of expanded clay concrete blocks in life, a small starting capital is required, the process itself is quite simple.

Competition in this segment is still quite low, and products already on the market often do not have good quality, since many unscrupulous manufacturers, trying to reduce costs, use materials that are not up to the standard, for example, not quartz or enriched sand, but cheap river or quarry , which significantly affects the strength and performance properties of the product.

In addition, it is important that the raw materials used for production do not contain radionuclides, therefore, the choice of material supplier should be taken very seriously. The release of high-quality expanded clay blocks will ensure success for the business, steady demand and high profits.
Let’s go a little through the numbers.

Cost of raw materials

A bag of cement brand M400 / M 500 – $ 6.5-6.9;
Sand – 6 c.u. for 1 ton;
Expanded clay – $ 30 per 1 cubic meter. m .;
Water – according to the current tariff.

Compliance with the proportions regulated in GOST and technical conditions is necessary to obtain high-quality, durable blocks.

Manufacturing technology

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Expanded clay blocks are obtained by volumetric vibropressing. The technological process consists of 4 main stages: preparation of the mixture, molding, transfer to processing by vibrating press, drying.

The list of equipment and its cost

The main component is a vibropress unit. To carry out large-volume orders, it is more rational to immediately purchase powerful equipment that allows producing up to 800 units of blocks per shift. Such a vibrating press will cost a minimum of $ 2,000, it is an apparatus with dimensions of 2.5 by 1.5 m, and it allows the production of expanded clay, concrete, and cinder blocks.

In addition to the vibropress installation, a vibration table will be required – from 930 cu, a concrete mixer – $ 3,125, molding pallets in the amount of 3 pieces – $ 100 / piece, a hydrostation – from 3,100 cu

To service the equipment, you need to hire 2-3 people.

Fully equipped ready-made automatic lines for the production of expanded clay concrete blocks are also on sale. The cost of such a conveyor installation is $ 45,000. Serve it under the force of 1 employee. The required area for installation is 100 sq.m. Ceiling height – from 5.5 meters.


Depending on the type of equipment used, the required floor space for production will be from 70 to 150 square meters. m. It is desirable to have free areas for storage and drying, it is permissible that the blocks are located on the street in pallets under equipped canopies. Requirements for the room – flat floor, high ceilings, good lighting, heating system and industrial ventilation.

Cost, profit, payback period

The total cost of implementing a business idea will be from 19 thousand dollars (in the case of using the budget option – prefabricated equipment in the form of separate nodes). The cost of issuing one block is $ 0.55, the selling price is from $ 1 per unit.

Net profit from active sales through a network of construction stores and hypermarkets, directly to large customers – construction corporations, farms, municipal services – can reach $ 3300-3500 per month. The payback period of a business project under favorable conditions is 6-7 months.

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