Fireplace installation business
Business idea: a fireplace installation business For whom: for builders Necessary resources: the corresponding team of craftsmen, materials for the fireplace, knowledge of the process of their construction Initial capital:…

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Construction of a shopping center from freight containers
Today, business ideas in the field of construction are very relevant. This area is the most promising and profitable. Especially when construction is connected with trade, such a business project…

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Business on 3d wallpaper
Currently, there are many ideas for creating comfort and coziness in the house. In fact, what the owners of the house (restaurant, cafe) will not do to create a unique…

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Own business: low-rise wooden construction

Wooden house building is one of the types of construction using materials from natural wood. Such designs, as a rule, are reliable, durable, affordable and, most importantly, (as the entrepreneurs themselves emphasize) environmentally friendly. All this provides a stable demand for the services of construction companies that specialize in low-rise wooden construction. Of course, this business has its pitfalls, but, in general, experts see it as profitable, promising and requiring relatively small investments.

Construction of frame houses – a profitable business?

There are a fairly large number of different technologies for building houses made of wood. In particular, there are frame houses, houses cut manually from a log and a carriage, houses from a log, planed log houses, houses from glued beams, timber houses (half-timbered houses). The most popular and promising for mass construction is the direction of frame housing construction, which gives more opportunities for creating a variety of architectural and planning solutions. According to statistics, using frame technology, about 60% of houses, 26% of logs and 5% of hewn timber are being built, and 10% of houses are constructed from glued beams. Frame technology allows you to implement individual solutions for individual designs without special costs. It has practically no restrictions in the options for exterior decoration: you can use both traditional and modern materials, starting with brick and ending with vinyl siding. In this article we will consider two main types of individual frame houses that are in greatest demand. These are frame-frame and frame-panel (frame-panel) structures.

In addition, frame structures have a number of additional advantages. The main one (especially relevant now – during the difficult economic situation in our country) can be attributed to the relatively small costs of building such a house. For example, the construction of a chopped or brick house will cost the customer $ 550-900 per square meter. meter. A frame house (using the technology of frame-frame or panel construction) will cost between 350-650 $ per square meter. meter. If necessary, even these costs can be reduced by facilitating the foundation (this is especially true with a weak bearing capacity of the soil) and the use of unedged boards in some designs.

In percentage terms, the cost of building a frame house is distributed as follows:

paperwork for the construction of a new house and its design – 10%;

foundation device – 5%;

installation of walls and ceilings (roof, floor and ceiling) – 45%;

internal and external decoration of the house – 20%;

engineering communications – 20%.

Of course, these indicators are not constant. They can change in one direction or another, primarily depending on the type and cost of building materials used.

Another plus of frame structures is the timing of work. If it takes at least a year to build a brick house, then the frame structure is erected within 2-5 months. The frame structure does not shrink, so there is no need to withstand a pause between the installation of walls and the execution of finishing work. There are differences in labor costs. For the construction of frame-frame houses does not require a whole team of builders. In frame buildings, you can use the hidden laying of the main communications, which is located inside the walls. Therefore, this eliminates the need for various boxes and conductors. Although you should not forget that some types of communications need regular maintenance or repair, so you need to provide easy access to them. Finally, the frame house has a higher seismic stability than concrete and brick buildings.

However, nothing ideal exists in our world, and frame houses are no exception to this rule. In addition to the above advantages, these designs have several disadvantages. These include, for example, the high likelihood of rodents in the wall cavities. In addition, with poor-quality antiseptic treatment, insects can start in the wood of the frame. But the latter case can only be with a gross violation of the technology of construction.

The second significant disadvantage of frame houses is their low degree of fire safety. These are perhaps the most serious shortcomings of such designs, according to construction companies. Although they have other disadvantages, which may not be so insignificant. For example, houses built using frame technology do not undergo significant deformations if they are not heated in the cold season. Although the thermal insulation characteristics of a frame house can be improved by using special insulation materials. But still, for permanent residence, including in winter, these designs are not suitable.

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