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Own a business for the production and installation of phytowalls

Phytodesign is called the business of the future. The business idea came to us from abroad and in Russia is new. This is a great chance to start a promising eco-friendly business, bringing a high income to the owner.

Over the past few years, eco-direction has been actively gaining popularity in various areas of life. The market is happy to accept products that are accompanied by the attractive definition of “green.” That is why the new idea of ​​creating phytowalls not only took root in the business environment, but also received a response around the world, having won its consumer.

It all started with the French botanist Patrick Blanca, who created vertical gardens on the dull walls of Parisian buildings. The idea of ​​urban landscaping was quickly picked up and successfully developed by entrepreneurs. The wave of popularity of vertical gardening went through Western Europe, Asia, America, and finally reached Russia. Today phytowalls are know-how in the domestic market, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Several companies for the production and installation of phytowalls already operate in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But in many large cities there are still no such companies. And this is a great chance to become the first in your city who implements a promising business idea.

Phytodesign on the exterior walls of buildings and in the premises is rightly called the business of the future. After all, this is a kind of revolution of the modern design of urban buildings, which can return nature to the urban space. Therefore, the organization for the creation, installation and maintenance of phytowalls is a promising business. And this idea is especially attractive because of the low level of competition in the Russian market.
When deciding to start a business, it is worth considering all its advantages and disadvantages. Table 1 shows that a niche has many advantages, for which it is worth investing in a business.

This type of entrepreneurship is more suitable for people who are fond of plants and design – botanists, landscape designers, decorators. In business, knowledge about which plants take root better, how to pick them up and how to care for them is useful. However, the most important thing is still competent management of the organization, because otherwise the professionals will be able to help you.

Organizing a business on phytowalls is quite realistic. Searching for customers is always a difficult task, but in this case you will be helped by a fashion for everything that is environmentally friendly: today, people who are tired of the city tend to nature. To open a phytodesign business and succeed, you need to carefully plan all your actions.

What are phytowalls and how to earn money on them
City life forces us to spend almost all the time in the office or high-rise apartments. We lack nature, greenery and fresh air. That is why phytowalls have gained popularity around the world, including in Russia. In addition, phytowalls are a laconic interior solution, which increases the number of fans of phytodesign.

What is a phytowall? This is a structure made of metal or plastic profiles, in which narrow boxes with living indoor plants are mounted. The design is equipped with an irrigation system and a special tank with a timer for irrigation. Fitostena is not only a stylish solution for the interior. It, like indoor plants, makes the air cleaner and favorably affects the psychological state of those who are in the room with phytodesign. The technology for creating phytowalls allows you to design a wall of any shape and give the surface itself a different purpose. For example, phytodesign can become a coating of the main walls, both indoors and on the facade of the building; you can make partitions between rooms or create live pictures on a phytowall.

The variability of the use of phytodesign makes a wide range of potential buyers. Who can become your client?

The main customers of phytowalls:
Shopping centers that are interested in increasing the turnover of trade. Studies in the United States showed that consumers are willing to spend 12% more in those shopping centers where organic design is presented, including phytowalls.

Large companies seeking to decorate their office and increase employee productivity. In addition, phytodesign in the office adds status to the company and supports the topic of environmental responsibility, which many are now puzzled with.
Catering, retail stores, public places, clubs. Phytowalls are used in interior design of cafes and restaurants, shops, beauty salons, as well as phytobars in sports clubs and clinics.
City authorities. Orders may come from the city administration for the improvement of public facilities and urban space. It is important to note that in addition to the aesthetic effect, phytowalls can perform a camouflage and protective function: they hide cracks in the facade, and also protect the walls from temperature changes.
Private clients wishing to decorate the interior of their home.
Most orders come from legal entities, which increases the reliability and profitability of the business.

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