Own business

Own business: frame construction
Not everyone can afford to have their own housing - real estate prices are too high. Nevertheless, today there are special technologies that allow the construction of strong and reliable…

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Fireplace installation business
Business idea: a fireplace installation business For whom: for builders Necessary resources: the corresponding team of craftsmen, materials for the fireplace, knowledge of the process of their construction Initial capital:…

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Your business: how to open the production of self-tapping screws
The production of self-tapping screws does not require a large number of personnel and strict conditions for the areas, and due to the rich selection of equipment, unnecessary costs can…

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Business related to the production of building materials – production of expanded clay concrete blocks

Expanded clay blocks are an environmentally friendly building material, since natural components are used for their manufacture – cement, sand and expanded clay.

The use of expanded clay blocks for laying walls often exceeds the use of ceramic bricks, because the latter is inferior to expanded clay blocks in its operational properties.

Business related to the production of building materials – production of expanded clay concrete blocks

In particular, the main advantages of expanded clay blocks are lightness and, as a result, the ability to reduce the weight of the structure by 40% compared to brickwork, in the absence of shrinkage and cracks, good indicators of frost resistance, good thermal insulation, more affordable price. Continue reading

Furniture from pallets – an idea for a summer business

Eco-friendly, stylish, inexpensive and accessible to everyone … Can these adverbs relate to the same subject? Yes, get acquainted, this is furniture from pallets (or transport pallets).

You still don’t know what it is? Then we go to you πŸ™‚

Furniture from pallets – an idea for a summer business

Initially, pallets were invented and created for the transport of goods. Wooden pallets, standard sizes 1200 to 800 mm, designed to place on them boxes, goods, barrels, boxes or bags with a total weight of up to 2 tons.

Pallets are convenient for moving – the openings at the bottom of the pallets make it easy to use the loader levers to move.

The active use of pallets began about 60 years ago, during the Second World War, when the movement of Continue reading

Ready-made business model for a successful and profitable business-stained glass studio from the company “Mr-Stekolli”

Do you need a business idea with high profitability and small start-up investments? The stained-glass studio “Mr-stekolli” has just that. Offer the population of your city a service that can change the design of their home, apartment, office, shop, etc. The idea is especially relevant for those whose field of activity is:

installation of windows, interior doors, false ceilings;
furniture manufacturing;
repair and interior design;
decoration of premises for the holidays;
manufacture of interior items: lamps, mirrors, vases, etc.
But even if you are an absolute beginner in the ruthless world of business, Mr-stekolli will help you Continue reading

How and how much you can earn on window dressing

A business such as the provision of services related to window dressing in the advertising age is in demand, especially if the organizer has the ability to convince potential customers.

The entrepreneur must know how to convince the customer of the effectiveness of the services implemented by his company, how much it will increase the sales level of the trading company of the potential customer.

It has long been known that more than 75% of purchases are made by people impulsively. Part of success determines how professionally the shop window of a trading company is designed, it is very important.

The sales layout is also affected by the layout of the goods, that is, the goods in the store should be laid Continue reading

Organization of a business for the repair of old loggias and balconies

Now, in times of crisis, all Russians have to tighten the belt more tightly. Rising prices affected everything from groceries and essentials to real estate. However, there are people who will not stop, and will still buy products at new prices. Perhaps they will change the brand to a cheaper one, and perhaps they will reduce the use of delicacies.

But what about housing?

It turns out that you also have to save, but already on square meters. As a result, a family of four or five people will be forced to huddle in a “kopeck piece”, or even in a “odnushka”. Agree, not very convenient. The area is small, family members do not have enough personal space, residents begin to look for a way Continue reading

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